Repair Service To Your Module - Toyota Camry 1992 ECM - 4 Cyl

Repair Service To Your Module - Toyota Camry 1992 ECM - 4 Cyl
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  • Item #: MRP-R-TOCA4-92-ECU
  • Manufacturer: Denso
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 89661-06061
  • Condition: Refurbished


Toyota Camry 1992
Engine Computer Module

Compatible part numbers:
89661-06061 89661-06062 89661-06081

You will send us your bad ECU Computer. Please, send computer only, no bracket. Pack well to prevent damage during the shipment. We will rebuild it, test on a special test stand and on the vehicle and return it to you.
No additional programming required.

This is your mechanic responsibility to pinpoint the problem to the  ECM.
Injectors and  wiring harness must be tested for possible failure or short.
Please, provide Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Please note: not all the modules are repairable.

Known problems:

  • transmission shifting problem
  • hard shifting on gears
  • error codes for ECU / ECM
  • MAF / TPS sensors codes
  • vehicle goes into failsafe mode
  • no communication with ECM
  • no spark
  • no pulse to injectors
We perfected rebuild solution by repairing weak points and replacing parts with updated components that can withstand high pressure. For years and hundreds of those computers being repaired we have practically no warranty returns.

Warranty info: This repair service comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Please read full warranty Terms and Conditions.

Removal/installation instructions: Installation instructions for DIY are available, though it is recommended to do replacements in a professional mechanic shop. 

  • remove glove box 
  • disconnect ECM connector
  • remove screws holding bracket
  • remove bracket

Removal instructions - Click to enlarge

Repair request: To help us expedite your order, please fill out our Repair Request Form before you complete the purachase.


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