Repair Service To Your Module - Mercedes GLK350, 10 G7 722.9TCM

MERCEDES 7G Tronic 722.9 Conductor Plate
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  • Item #: MRP-R-MRGLK35-10-TCM
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: A0335457332
  • Condition: Refurbished
7G Tronic 722.9 Conductor Plate
Transmission Control Module
Compatible part numbers:
A0335457332 A0034460310  For reference only
A0335456732 A0335456632

Please provide diagnostic trouble codes with your order,  we need exact trouble codes* and code definitions in order to apply correct repair procedure. You can include trouble codes in order notes or provide this information when you fill out Repair Request Form after you placed the order. 

You will send us your bad Conductor Place as pictured. (Do NOT send valve body). We will make necessary repairs, perform final test and return it to you. Procedure takes 1-2 business days.

Please, send your original TCM, do not send "replacement" or "salvage yard" units, they do require SCN coding.
Do not send the Valve Body itself, doing so will increase return shipping cost.

No additional programming is required.

IMPORTANT:  After installation history trouble code/s recorded must be erased using original STAR tester or equivalent, like Auto Logic, Launch or properly updated Snap On scanner from ECM and TCM, otherwise code/s will remain in the system and keep the vehicle in "limp mode".

Please note, not all modules are repairable, unfortunately, some of them damaged beyond the repair point.

Known problems:

Y3/8N1 turbine  speed  sensor
  • 0717The signal from component Y3/8n1 (Turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is not available
  • 0718 Component Y3/8n1 (Turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is defective
Y3/8N2 internal speed sensor
  • 2766 Excessive rpms have occurred at component Y3/8n2 (Internal speed sensor (VGS))
  • 2767 The signal from component Y3/8n2 (Internal speed sensor (VGS)) is not available
  • 2768 Component Y3/8n2 (Internal speed sensor (VGS)) is defective

We also repair following codes for the additional charge:

Y3/8N3 output speed  sensor
  • 0722 The signal from component Y3/8n3 (Output speed sensor (VGS)) is not available
  • 2207 Component Y3/8n3 (Output speed sensor (VGS)) is defective
  • 2206 Component Y3/8n3 (Output speed sensor (VGS)) is defective
  • 2550 Component Y3/8n3 (Output speed sensor (VGS)) is defective
Y3/8S1  range sensor
  • 0705 - Transmission Range Sensor Circuit malfunction
  • 2214 - Transmission Range Sensor Circuit malfunction
*Contact us if you have more or different trouble code/s. We might be able to repair additional problem/s as well.

Considering the massive amount of 2004 and up  Mercedeses equipped with 722.9 7G-Tronic transmission TCM failures, we perfected a repair solution that will completely restore your TCM for known problems listed above.
This is your mechanic's responsibility to pinpoint the problem in the
Transmission Control Module. 
We do not diagnose the problem over the phone!

Warranty info: This repair service comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Please read full warranty Terms and Conditions.

Removal/installation instructions: Installation instructions for DIY are available, though it is recommended to do replacements in a professional mechanic shop, as the transmission pan and valve body must removed to get an access the TCM

Please, pack it very well (we recommend to double box it) - piece is really fragile, include copy of your order to identify yourself and send to:  

Repair request: To help us expedite your order, please fill out our Repair Request Form before you complete the purachase.


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