Repair Service To Your Control - Mercury Grand Marquis 1999 EATC

Repair Service To Your Control - Mercury Grand Marquis 1999 EATC
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  • Item #: MRP-R-MEGM-99-EATC
  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: F8AH-19C933-AA
  • Condition: Refurbished
Mercury Grand Marquis 1999
Climate Control Module
- $99.00

Compatible part numbers:
F8AH-19C933-AA F8AH-19C933-AB

You will send us your failed climate control. We will rebuild it, test on a special test stand and on the vehicle and return it to you.

Please note: not all the controls are repairable.

We repair your control by repairing weak points and replacing parts with updated components that will eliminate all known problems in those controls. We will also replace burned illumination bulbs and do final test on the control.

Your EATC control will come pre-programmed and ready to plug.

Known problems:

  • Air does not come out from the desired vents, stock on defrost or floor - Most Common!
  • Air switch from vents to defrost during acceleration
  • Stock on hot or cold air only
  • EATC control does not send signal to A/C compressor or blend door motor actuator
  • Cannot control Fan Speed - only High, only Low, or no Fan at all
  • Display is inoperable

Warranty info: This repair service comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Please read full warrantyTerms and Conditions.

Removal/installation instructions: Installation instructions for DIY are available, though it is recommended to do replacements in a professional mechanic shop.

Repair request: To help us expedite your order, please fill out our Repair Request Form before you complete the purachase.


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Price $99.00
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