Buy from our stock - BMW 750 ABS Pump Control Module

Buy from our stock - BMW 750 ABS Pump Control Module
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  • Item #: MRP-X-BM750-02-ABS
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 0 265 950 006
  • Condition: Refurbished
ABS Pump Control Module
BMW 750, 2002-2008

Exchange Service
(Core deposit $100, please read for details)

Compatible part numbers:
  0 265 950 006  
You have to match part numbers from your original module 

You will receive ABS pump control module, that been completely rebuilt and tested and it will come with 1 Year WARRANTY (required core return). All issues listed below are completely eliminated.

Known problems:

  • ABS light is always on or intermittent
  • ABS, Brake and Traction lights are on
  • No communication with ABS module
  • ABS pump constantly running
  • Trouble codes for ABS pump, communication codes or speed sensor codes

Module need to be programmed (coded to the vehicle) after installation.

We perfected rebuild solution by repairing weak points and replacing parts with updated components that can withstand high pressure. We are not only replacing failed parts - we rebuild and update the complete unit, replace all the parts that are known to be weak and might also fail with updated parts that can withhold the pressure and modify circuit board in a way to prevent future failure. That's why we stay behind every unit we rebuild.

Warranty info: This service comes with a 1 Year Warranty. Please read full warranty Terms and Conditions.

Removal/installation instructions: Installation instructions for DIY are available, though it is recommended to do replacements in a professional mechanic shop.

Core deposit: Transaction required a refundable core deposit of $100, which will be added to the items price when you place it in the shopping cart. As soon as you return your core to us  - we will issue $100 refund and you will receive email notification that payment has been refunded. We are extremely strict and honest in core refunds, most of our sales require core deposits.


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